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Free Speech vs. Career Building: Are They Incompatable?

There are lots of pressures to conformity in the world, but three examples really jumped out at me recently. The first comes in the form of some young scientists, concerned for their career prospects, scattering away from a video camera to avoid … Continue reading

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Why I Like Jerry Coyne (and Dean Radin, William Dembski, Michael Behe, and Stephen Meyer as Well)

UPDATE (May 27, 2010): I’ve left my below orignal blog post alone, unedited, from last year. I wrote it in a mood of annoyance. I felt that Coyne was being cruel to people—and name calling—and I responded in kind. I don’t think … Continue reading

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Biologist PZ Myers v. Calvinist Philosopher Alvin Plantinga: Is the Brain a Reliable Perceiver of Truth? And if Not, Can Scientific Procedures Function, As It Were, as Vitamin Supplements to Our Otherwise Pallid and Unreliable Monkey Brains?

Biologist PZ Myers today fisks Calvinist philosopher Alvin Plantinga’s essay (written last summer) in which Plantinga claims that evolutionary naturalism is not a coherent intellectual position because we can have no confidence that our brains have evolved to reliably discern truth from error, including the … Continue reading

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