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This is what a totalitarian intellectual vision looks like

Intellectual opponents rendered invisible and silent. One God. One voice. One people. Ein volk. Ein reich. Ein fuhrer. Think about what this kind of vision means for the adult mind. The hope being expressed above is for a world mediated by fundamentalist vision in such a … Continue reading

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Katie Couric Flusters Sarah Palin with Simple Questions. Here’s One of Them: In All His Years as a Senator, Can You Give Examples of John McCain Supporting More Regulatory Oversight of Wall Street?

Still no Sunday morning show press interviews. Still no press conferences. But after seeing Sarah Palin’s bleak performance with Katie Couric, no wonder the McCain campaign so strictly manages Palin’s exposure to the press, and only doles out interviews in trickling, homeopathic … Continue reading

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Over Sarah Palin “Every Form of Witchcraft We Rebuke”: Watch Here the Video of Thomas Muthee, Sarah Palin’s Exorcist Witch Hunter, Lay Hands on Sarah Palin and Pray for Her Election Victory

Notice the Manichean mentality of Thomas Muthee, and his dominionist prayer over Sarah Palin when she was running for governor of Alaska, equating opposition to Palin with the forces of witchcraft (that is, the demonic):  And here’s Sarah Palin, in June … Continue reading

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