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Is God a Poet and is Metaphor Akin to Empiricism?

At BioLogos recently, Mark Sprinkle said something about poetry (and God, if God exists) that I found especially interesting: The work of poetry is to polish human language until it reflects the structural orderliness and the improvisational freedom and playfulness … Continue reading

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Is Atheism Based on Reality Testing, While Theism is Not?

I’m all for reality testing, and I advocate it for all ideologies, but there is another reality as well, and it is this: a group of people perverse enough to hold a prejudice deeply enough can find epistemic justification for whatever they want … Continue reading

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What Might I Substitute for Empiricism in Getting at the Truth of Ultimate Questions?

I would say nothing. I think that empiricism and reason are the best that we can do. So then why, as an agnostic, am I defending (in a previous post) Francis Collins’s explicitly theological gestures? Here’s why: I think that, with … Continue reading

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What is Empiricism?

Here’s a quote from Wikipedia: In philosophy, empiricism is a theory of knowledge which asserts that knowledge arises from experience. Empiricism is one of several competing views about how we know “things,” part of the branch of philosophy called epistemology, … Continue reading

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As Non-Empirical Languages, Do Philosophical Systems Have Greater Epistemic Validity Than Theological Systems?

I would say no. When we are dealing with non-empirical (that is, non-scientific) languages, I don’t think that you can give substantially greater epistemic weight to the conclusions of philosophers over those of theologians. When I think of some of the … Continue reading

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Francis Collins, Jerry Coyne, and “Shameful” Non-Empirical Languages

The Evangelical Christian geneticist, Francis Collins, has been taking some rather harsh rhetorical hits lately from atheist biologist and blogger, Jerry Coyne (of the University of Chicago). Collins recently started a foundation (The BioLogos Foundation) that explores intersections between science … Continue reading

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Once You Leave the Realm of the Empirical, How Do You Discriminate Between Non-Empirical Languages?

I think this is a very tricky question. Once you leave the sciences and the languages of empiricism that scientists speak to one another in, or once you come up against questions that empiricism cannot directly address (such as should … Continue reading

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Does Atheism Entail Metaphysical Assumptions Which Cannot Be Warranted by Empiricism?

The short answer is yes. To say that you reject not just particular individual gods (like Zeus, Vishnu, or Yahweh), but all gods (or the concept of God), necessarily entails that you must also believe that matter, energy, the laws … Continue reading

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