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Blogging UFOs: The UFO Hypothesis (and Tom Cruise) on Trial

These past few weeks, as I’ve thought about UFOs as a phenomenon, I’ve found myself confused, going back and forth between the value of testimony v. the value of expert scientific opinion, and then it occurred to me: Juries frequently encounter the exact same dilemma. In … Continue reading

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Blogging UFOs: If UFOs are Indeed Buzzing about in Our Local Skies, Why Wouldn’t We Pick Up Radio Signals of their Interspaceship Communications?

This morning I thought of a rather strong presumptive reason not to believe that UFOs are really visiting Earth: The total lack of radio communication between alleged alien spaceships. You would think that aliens, like humans, would communicate over radio … Continue reading

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A Recent UFO Caught on Video by the BBC

Last week, the BBC caught an unidentified flying object passing through one of its live video feeds. No, it doesn’t mean it was an alien spacecraft from another planet or dimension. Nor does it mean that it was a fast moving … Continue reading

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Michio Kaku on Extraterrestrial Life

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Warranted Extraterrestrial Belief?: A Washington Post Article Gives an Overview of the Evidence For Extraterrestrial Life—and Against It

Rather than short, spaceship travelling creatures with big eyes and big heads, what are the prospects of humanity actually having an encounter with REAL extraterrestrials over the next generation? The Washington Post today has an article on this scientific question. First, the negative prospects. … Continue reading

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