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Genesis vs. Evolution–with Edward Feser to Religion’s Rescue!

The cake God bakes. In Genesis, to get a community with souls, God has a simple recipe. He: spends six days making heaven and earth takes inorganic matter–dust–from the newly created ground forms the dust into a man and places … Continue reading

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Some Good Reasons to Think Adam and Eve Never Existed

First, there was never a bottleneck of two people that accounts for the diversity of humans living today. Second, geneticists tell us that the diversity of contemporary humans derives from no less than 12,500 black African ancestors, 2,500 of whom … Continue reading

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“Male and Female Created He Them!”: Was Adam a Hermaphrodite? And Does That Explain How Eve Could Be Taken from Adam’s Body?

A most interesting interpretation of Genesis 1:27 (“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them”). Adam (the first human) was a hermaphrodite! (“Male and female created he … Continue reading

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Gay Children’s Gender Confusion Book Proposal: Eve has Two Mommies—Or Are Those Daddies?

This is a curious late-Medieval image. Gender seems oddly reversed—God the Father appears rounded, as if pregnant, and Eve comes out of Adam’s body, rather than the other way around. Perhaps Eve’s first words out of the womb were the same as Miranda’s in Shakepeare’s the Tempest: … Continue reading

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