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Alien Abductions, Epistemology, and Eyewitness Testimony

If you believe in, say, the resurrection of Jesus or the historic existence of Cleopatra based on eyewitness testimony, why don’t you believe what these apparently sincere folks are saying as well? What makes some forms of eyewitness testimony more credible … Continue reading

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Hanger 18: 1950s Military Clerk-Typist, June Crane, Claims That There Were Alien Bodies Stored at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio

And June Crane says she had a high level clearance for her job. At the age of 72, she decided to break her silence. Her testimony, from a History Channel UFO Files  segment, starts at 2:20 in this clip:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  . What are … Continue reading

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UFOs 101: “Out of the Blue” on DVD is Stimulating, Especially if You’re a Skeptic

As promised at this blog last week, as a UFO skeptic I said I’d get the supposedly best DVD out there on UFOs, watch it, and give it a brief review. Well, I did. Out of the Blue  is a … Continue reading

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