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Weird Fact for the Day: Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana (and Serious Rush Limbaugh Dittohead) WAS A COLLEGE EXORCIST!

So says TPM Online. Money quote: As others noted during his 2003 and 2007 gubernatorial campaigns (see update), in an essay Jindal wrote in 1994 for the New Oxford Review, a serious right-wing Catholic journal, Jindal narrated a bizarre story … Continue reading

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Love Bomb Burns: A Fascinating Oxford University Press Book on the Social Psychology of Cults and Charismatic Religious Movements

  The book, Cults: Faith, Healing and Coercion (Oxford 1999), by Marc Galanter, is hard to put down. It’s not just an excellent introduction to the dynamics of religious cults, but of social psychology in general. The author uses systems theory … Continue reading

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