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Carpe Diem: NASA Tracking Ocean Currents

Trippy. And not just trippy, but a reminder of the flux in which each of us tries to maintain a stable, prolonged, and individual identity. Good luck with that.

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A Swami for a Sunday

Swami Satchidananda is my all-time favorite Hindu guru. His name consists of a combination of three terms that, taken together, sum up rather nicely the Hindu spiritual quest:  that which is (sat); that which is consciousness (chid); that which is bliss (ananda). … Continue reading

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Go with the flow? Six plausible options for dealing with change

What is the proper response to this burning, bleeding, milk secreting, honey babbling world? It seems to me that the range of responses are pretty limited, and can be boiled down to six plausible options: acceptance and celebration (go with the flow)  … Continue reading

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