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Ontario Lacus: How Does It Feel to Live in an Alien World in Which Everything That Is Does Not Have to Be?

In a recent science article at the New York Times, the unpredictable blendings and contingencies of history jumped out at me in the way that Titan’s methane lake, “Ontario Lacus,” came to be named: In 2004 a camera known as the Imaging Science Subsystem on … Continue reading

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The Goddess Fortuna: Thinking about Darwinian Contingency Metaphorically

I really think that Fortuna should be the matron goddess of all who have tried to absorb the full import of evolutionary contingency. Below, for example, is a painting of Fortuna by Henri Gascar, circa 1670. In this painting, Fortuna … Continue reading

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Edwin Arlington Robinson’s “Richard Cory” (1897): A Poem on the Turning Wheel of Fortune and Misleading Appearances

Who’s up, who’s down? It can change pretty quickly. And who knows what’s going on beneath appearances? Here’s a poem titled “Richard Cory” (by Edwin Arlington Robinson, written in 1897): Whenever Richard Cory went down town, We people on the pavement … Continue reading

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