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Fair is Fair: Like Abortion, Slavery Should Be a Matter of Choice, Not Illegal, Says Chisago County Republican Party

It’s the kind of image and message you’d expect to stumble upon at a white supremacist website, and it’s been taken down after outrage about it spread, but the Chisago County Republican Party in Minnesota posted on its Facebook page … Continue reading

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Jonathan Rauch on the Contemporary GOP: “Barry Goldwater and Nelson Rockefeller got into an argument and George Wallace won”

Jonathan Rauch today posted a seminal analysis of the GOP in the light of George Wallace. A taste: Goldwater served for 30 years as a respected insider in Washington’s most exclusive club, the U.S. Senate; he was never interested in cultural and social … Continue reading

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John McCain and Racism: In a New Ad, McCain Plays the Race Card in the Way That Jesse Helms or George Wallace Might Have

In perhaps the grossest ad of the political season (see the ad at the bottom of this post), John McCain isn’t even subtle about the way he uses visual images and racial stereotypes to manipulate white racial anxiety. The ad opens … Continue reading

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