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Mike Allen’s Orwellian Description of Bush Era Torture: “Aggressive interrogation practices critics decried as torture.”

Glenn Greenwald lets loose: Politico’s Mike Allen — in the same article where he granted anonymity to a cowardly “top Bush official” to do nothing other than smear Obama as a friend of Al Qaeda (and marvel at Allen’s pathetic … Continue reading

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Glenn Greenwald Weighs in on Sarah Palin’s Creepy Isolation from the Media, and Declares That It Is “Conclusively, Disturbingly Clear” That McCain is Shielding Palin from Scrutiny by Voters

At the end of her debate with Joe Biden, Sarah Palin signalled that she would be speaking to the American people without the filter of the mainstream media. Translation: She won’t be taking questions from the press, and she’ll be … Continue reading

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Glenn Greenwald on the Trillion Dollar Wall Street Bailout

Glenn Greenwald of Salon.com bitterly┬ádeconstructs the September 2008 trillion dollar economic bailout of Wall Street: What is more intrinsically corrupt than allowing people to engage in high-reward/no-risk capitalism — where they reap tens of millions of dollars and more every … Continue reading

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