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Monster with Big Testicles in House Next Door

Quite a thing to discover. A man who participates in neighborhood barbecues also kidnaps and imprisons women. This is Hannah Arendt’s “the banality of evil” right next door. Charles Ramsey gives a compelling interview on his rescue of Amanda Berry: … Continue reading

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What the American Right Looks Like in 2013

__________ The above image is of a ouroboros (a serpent biting its tail). Nothing gets in. Nothing gets out. It’s why the right is so goofed up in the United States right now. Its epistemic closure divorces it from reality. And … Continue reading

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Bearing Witness to the Holocaust: Salon Asks Barack Obama’s Great Uncle About His Role in the Liberation of Ohrdruf Camp During World War II

Salon recently interviewed Barack Obama’s 84 year old great uncle, Charles Payne. Obama’s uncle, a veteran of World War II, helped to liberate Ohrdruf, a subcamp of Buchenwald. Here’s the part of the interview in which he describes what he witnessed … Continue reading

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