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Oct. 31st is BARACKOWEEN: Scare Your Far-Right Neighbors. Make a Groovy Carved Pumpkin for Obama—a “Barack-O’-Lantern”

Source: YesWeCarve.com

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Sarah Palin’s Witch Hunting Kenyan Exorcist, Thomas Muthee, Given a Monty Python Retort

If the Times of London article today on Sarah Palin’s witch hunting Kenyan exorcist Thomas Muthee—and his demonizing and driving off of a “witch” named Mama Jane from her community in Kenya—is anywhere near accurate—then maybe we SHOULD expect something like the … Continue reading

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The Times of London’s Shocking Article on Thomas Muthee, the Witch Hunting Kenyan Pastor Who Laid Hands on Sarah Palin at Her Pentecostalist Church Before She Ran for Governor

What is Sarah Palin’s connection to Thomas Muthee, the witch hunting and demon vanquishing pastor from Kenya? The Times of London did an investigative article on the connection, and it’s rather shocking. Read about it here.

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Sarah Palin and the Exorcist: Before She Ran for Governor, a Kenyan Witch Hunter and Demon Vanquisher Laid Hands on Her and Said, “Lord Make a Way”—and the Lord Apparently Did!

The Times of London reports today on Sarah Palin’s curious connection to the witchcraft and demon hunting Kenyan pastor, Thomas Muthee: The pastor whose prayer Sarah Palin says helped her to become governor of Alaska founded his ministry with a witchhunt against a … Continue reading

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