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Blogging Brian Greene’s New Book, “The Hidden Reality”

Physicist Brian Greene’s new book just came out, and it’s exceptional. If you want the skinny on what hidden realities there might be behind and beyond our own, you can safely set aside the Bible and just read Brian Greene. And damn he … Continue reading

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Shadows on a Distant Wall: Nikodem Poplawski Says We Might Be Living in a Black Hole

In a new theory worthy of Alice in Wonderland, the Washington Post reports today that a cosmologist, Nikodem Poplawski, posits that each black hole may contain a universe inside of it, and we ourselves may be inside a black hole: We could be … Continue reading

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The Holographic Principle for the Artsy

Below is a rather creative video rendition of the holographic principle. In string theory, the holographic principle is simply this: a two-dimensional area—the cosmological horizon 13.7 billion light years away from where we think that we are—may be sufficient for accounting for all the information … Continue reading

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3-D for Real: Do We Live in a Holographic Universe?

Earlier this week, there was a mind-bending New York Times article on gravity that also touched on the possibility that we live in a holographic universe. Here is one of the key passages from the New York Times article explaining the so-called … Continue reading

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