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40,000 Years B.C.: Four Human Types, One Earth

If you were to get in a time machine and go back to 40,000 years B.C., you would find at least four types of humans on Earth. That, at any rate, is what is reported in the New York Times today in … Continue reading

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Australopithecus sediba: a hominid discovery of historic importance—even outstripping Lucy?

Three newly discovered South African hominids—an 11-year-old child, an infant, and a 30-year-old mother—and dubbed Australopithecus sediba, are a very big deal: they represent a hominid transition perhaps every bit as important as “Lucy” (if not more so) in offering clues to our human origins. The … Continue reading

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Red Brick and Clay

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Not Out of Mesopotamia: The New York Times Today Reports that Scientists Contradict the Bible, and Locate the “Garden of Eden” in Either West or East Africa

The Bible’s book of Genesis puts the first man and the first woman (Adam and Eve) in a garden called Eden, and claims that this garden was located along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq). But the New York Times … Continue reading

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