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Why Do Super Brainiacs Drink More Alcohol Than the Rest of Us?

It appears that super smart people tend to be bigger consumers of alcohol than average and dull people, and Andrew Sullivan has an armchair theory for why this is the case: It’s what Oakeshott called “the ordeal of consciousness.” When you have … Continue reading

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Is the Noah’s Ark hypothesis the best one for making sense of a WorldNetDaily article claiming that a boat has been found high on Mount Ararat?

In the great battle between scientific experts and young Earth biblical literalists, shall we score one today for the anti-evolutionists? If you believe this WorldNutNetDaily article posted this morning, then the answer is yes, for Noah’s Ark has been found! Really. And … Continue reading

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The UFO Hypothesis: Strong v. Weak Versions, and the Skeptic’s Retort

In researching UFOs over the past several weeks, and trying to decide what I think about the claims surrounding them, I’ve noticed that there are strong and weak versions of the UFO hypothesis. In general, people who believe in the strong … Continue reading

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