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Conspiracy Theories Poll of Americans Discovers Lots of Crazy

Public Policy Polling (PPP) recently released the results of its survey on conspiracy theory beliefs among Americans, and they are not pretty. Here are some of the highlights of the poll: Illuminati/New World Order types of beliefs: 28% of Americans say “yes” … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Theory Taken to a New Level: The Haiti Earthquake is Now the U.S. Navy’s Fault

This today at Reason: Both Venezuelan state-owned radio and television properties zeroed in on a secret U.S. “weapon of earthquakes” as the cause of the earthquake that struck Haiti last week causing a death toll [that] could exceed 200,000 according … Continue reading

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John Polkinghorne’s Book of Christian Apologetics Gets a Tart Takedown from Philosopher AC Grayling

Philosopher AC Grayling’s review of John Polkinghorne’s new book, Questions of Truth, is a tough one and can be read here. Money quote: [T]he painful experience of wading through this book gave me an epiphany: that religious faith is extremely … Continue reading

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Conservative David Frum Calls Out Glenn Beck of Fox News for Passing Out Conspiracy Literature to His In-Studio Audience

Conservative David Frum, of New Majority, notes that Glenn Beck (of Fox News) has been promoting ONE WORLD ILLUMINATI conspiracy theories: The audience for Beck’s Friday night special were each given copies of two books. One of them was Cleon Skousen’s Five Thousand … Continue reading

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