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Zeev Sternhell’s Question: What Is To Be Done About The Anglo-French Enlightenment?

In The Anti-Enlightenment Tradition (Yale 2009), Israeli historian Zeev Sternhell (b. 1935) sees a fault line running through much of contemporary global culture: what to do about the Anglo-French Enlightenment. By the Anglo-French Enlightenment, he means the intellectual movement initiated in 17th … Continue reading

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Time to Read Voltaire? Is Sarah Palin’s Rise Signalling the Coming of an American Middle Ages?

John McCain’s wrecklessness in not vetting VP-pick Sarah Palin adequately, combined with her inexperience, her fundamentalism, and her populist ability to move people to resentment against urban dwelling intellectuals and elites, makes one wonder if her nomination signals an entrenched period of right-wing … Continue reading

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