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The 2008 Financial Crisis Will Happen Again (Probably In The 2020s)

Forty reasons: Risk-taking alpha males. Coke using. Hookers. Nihilism. Amorality. The rich will turn their backs on society. Emotional blackmail: “You need us! Without us the economy will crash!” Abusers of the financial system will have well-prepared lawyers. The culture … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s Chief Economic Advisor Is The Guy In “Inside Job” Who Praised Credit Derivatives

Unbelievable. Looking at the New York Times today, I saw a picture of Glenn Hubbard, Mitt Romney’s in-house economic adviser, and thought, He looks like the same guy from the documentary, Inside Job.  In the documentary, there is an owlish and … Continue reading

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“Inside Job” documentary: a must see

If you haven’t seen Inside Job yet, it’s a must see. I’ve watched it on DVD three times over the past week. It’s one of the most powerful documentaries I’ve ever encountered (and I’m a longtime follower of documentaries). Liberal or conservative, … Continue reading

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