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Gnu Atheism, Movement Conservatism, and Civility

At Commentary’s website this week, Peter Wehner appeals to his fellow conservatives to find, in themselves, a greater habit of civility, and resist the temptation to always confront one’s opposition in a spirit of relentless ridicule, dismissiveness, and ad hominem. What struck me in … Continue reading

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An Agnostic Interviews a Muslim: Are One of the Names of God Love?

In this clip, I ask Kamal al Khatib, an imam who heads a Muslim congregation in Palmdale, Ca., about non-retaliation and love in Islam:

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Eight Things Jonathan Elliot Learned from Having a Meal with a Muslim

On the theory that maybe we should strike up conversations with our Muslim neighbors and not matches for burning their Qurans, Jonathan Elliot in New Zealand found a Muslim to have lunch with this past month, and recounts how he did … Continue reading

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