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Is Christopher Hitchens’s rhetorical combativeness a form of compensation for having never served in the military? And is this compensation leading him to overstate the threat posed to the West by Islamic fundamentalism?

A recent Guardian profile/interview with Christopher Hitchens elicited a curious line of armchair psychoanalysis that I found interesting: In 2006, Hitchens’ wife, the American writer Carol Blue, told the New Yorker her husband was one of “those men who were never … Continue reading

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Would the Ante-Nicene Fathers call contemporary American Protestants Christians (followers of Jesus)?

Early Orthodox (or proto-Orthodox) Christians writing after the apostolic period but before western Christendom’s adoption of the Nicene Creed (325 CE) are sometimes called the Ante-Nicene Fathers, and there is a fascinating (and rather thick) book I’m reading that catalogues quotes from … Continue reading

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Johann Hari of the London Independent Exercises His Freedom of Speech with Regard to Religion, and It Results in Hysterical Protests, Intimidation, and Arrests in India

Once again, Islamic fundamentalists are trying to physically intimidate a writer, and his publishers, for exercising freedom of speech. Read Johann Hari’s original essay here, and the outbreak of protests, threats of violence, and actual arrests that resulted, here.

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