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Is Christopher Hitchens’s rhetorical combativeness a form of compensation for having never served in the military? And is this compensation leading him to overstate the threat posed to the West by Islamic fundamentalism?

A recent Guardian profile/interview with Christopher Hitchens elicited a curious line of armchair psychoanalysis that I found interesting: In 2006, Hitchens’ wife, the American writer Carol Blue, told the New Yorker her husband was one of “those men who were never … Continue reading

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Muslim assaults cartoonist on a university campus

But don’t call his violence Islamofascism. This reported today by AP: A Swedish artist who angered Muslims by depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a dog said Tuesday he was assaulted while giving a lecture at a university. Lars Vilks told The Associated Press a … Continue reading

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The Antisemitic Ayatollah Khamenei, in His Threat to Crackdown on Protesters, Can’t Resist a Bit of Jew-Baiting and Swipes at the West

It’s a reminder of how viscerally Antisemitic and anti-Western the Iranian regime is. The Ayatollah Khamenei at Friday prayers today in Tehran: “The competition for the election was very clear. Enemies and dirty Zionists tried to show the election as a … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day (from Tehran)

Darius, an Iranian in Tehran, on the day after the Islamofascist Iranian regime stole the Friday election, wrote this to one of the threads at FiveThirtyEight.com: I’m sitting in my grandparents’ house in Tehran right now and I’m hearing mini-explosions, there’s … Continue reading

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