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Biblical Scholar, Israel Knohl, is Coming Out with a Book on the Hazon Gabriel Discovery

The book, Messiahs and Resurrection in the Gabriel Revelation, discussing the implications of the recent discovery of an early 1st century BCE tablet that speaks of a Jesus-like resurrected Messiah BEFORE Jesus, is written by a prominent Israeli biblical scholar, Israel Knohl, and when it … Continue reading

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Israel Knohl on Hazon Gabriel—The Vision of Gabriel—Qumran Stone Tablet That Seems to Predate Jesus’s Death by a Generation, But Talks about a Suffering and Resurrected Messiah

Israel Knohl, the Biblical scholar whose book, The Messiah Before Jesus (2002), seems to anticipate the discovery of the recent “Gabriel Revelation” stone tablet, has an important essay on the discovery in the Journal of Religion. Knohl calls the tablet Hazon Gabriel (the … Continue reading

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From Qumran to Christianity?: The Recently Discovered “Gabriel Revelation” Tablet as the Archaeopteryx of Academic Biblical Scholarship

How similar the “Gabriel Revelation” stone tablet debate is to the evolution-creation debate! Liberal academic scholars have long said that Christianity didn’t just pop out of thin air—a creation ex nihilo—but evolved out of the contingency of circumstances surrounding 1st … Continue reading

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A Suffering and Resurrected Messiah—Before Jesus?: Israel Knohl’s 2002 Book Anticipated the 2008 Qumran Stone Tablet Discovery

A striking aspect of the “Gabriel Revelation” tablet discovery is that Israel Knohl, one of the Israeli scholars cited in both the NY Times and TIME magazine articles, had already drawn together, back in 2002, a number of lines of evidence to suggest that the … Continue reading

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A Suffering and Resurrected Messiah Before Jesus: Biblical Scholar James Tabor Promotes Israel Knohl’s Text Interpretation of NY Times Reported Stone Tablet

Breaking News: James Tabor, on his blog, promotes Israel Knohl’s interpretation of the “suffering messiah before Jesus” stone tablet. Here’s Professor Tabor’s statement: I recently highlighted the fascinating interpretation of Prof. Israel Knohl of Hebrew University of a new “Dead Sea” … Continue reading

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