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Separation, Veil, Perfect Asymmetry, and Inward Pilgrimage: David Gelernter on Judaism

This past week, the Chronicle Review had a long piece on Yale Professor David Gelernter (“technological guru, conservative polemicist, Unabomber target”) and his new book on the Jewish faith, titled Judaism: A Way of Being (Yale 2009): In Judaism, Gelernter zeroes … Continue reading

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Gross McCarthyism: In the Final Weekend Before the Election, McCain-Palin Desperately Try to Tag Anti-Semitism on Obama

It is hard to imagine, after the Holocaust, a grosser McCarthy-like slander, than to call someone an anti-semite who is clearly not—or insinuate that a person is associated with, and is sympathetic with the causes of, anti-semites. Obviously, Barack Obama is … Continue reading

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“If You Look at the Israelites, That’s How They Work—And That’s How They Are Even Today”: Thomas Muthee, Sarah Palin’s Witch Hunting Pastor, May Be Hurting McCain with the Jewish Vote in Florida

In 2005, just before Thomas Muthee prayed over Sarah Palin to protect her from “witchcraft,” he talked to the Wasilla Assembly of God congregation about the need for Christians to take over, from unbelievers and “Israelites,” the running of the global … Continue reading

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