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Islamic Terrorism in Paris and Charlie Chaplin’s Hitler Ballet

It occurs to me this evening that Charlie Chaplin’s classic globe dance, as a means of trying to enter and represent visually the psyche of Hitler, is curiously apropos to the why question surrounding Paris tonight. The idea of violently … Continue reading

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Jihad in Boston

A razor sharp bit of analysis from Rafia Zakaria, a Pakistani columnist in Pakistan, on why the Boston Marathon bombing grips the world’s attention even as the death count is low: As a weekly columnist for the Pakistani newspaper Dawn, I’ve … Continue reading

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Hamza Kashgari’s Muhammad Birthday Tweets Unleash the Jihad on Him—and Silence from the Obama Administration

Saudi writer Hamza Kashgari’s handful of ambivalent tweets about Islam’s superhero, Muhammad (such as this one, “On your birthday, I shall not bow to you. I shall not kiss your hand. Rather, I shall shake it as equals do, and smile … Continue reading

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“Heathen”: J. Robert Smith revives an old-school religious word, applies it to Barack Obama, and calls for what amounts to a religious war against him

Heathen leftists? Here’s J. Robert Smith in a recent essay for the Rush Limbaugh funded American Thinker: “We have a president and a party (infested with a cabal of heathen leftists) whose grand design is to bloat the state and, hence, … Continue reading

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Why Abdul Nacer Benbrika Does Not Make R. Rex Parris and Sherry Marquez Right

According to Wikipedia, Abdul Nacer Benbrika is an Australian Muslim convicted, in 2008, of organizing a terror cell within Australia: The trial of Benbrika began in February 2008.[7] The charges against him included, “intentionally being members of a terrorist organisation involved in … Continue reading

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America vs. Global Terrorism: What Happens When Ahab’s Pursuit of the White Whale Takes Place in Real Time?

Robert Wright, in the New York Times this weekend, articulated clearly his view of how the viral terrorism meme spreads, in an age of global communication, to psychologically susceptible people (like Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan):  One reason killing terrorists can spread terrorism is that … Continue reading

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Obama Hatred on Billboard in Colorado

Below, more far right President Obama hatred. By the way, death threats directed toward the president have gone up 400% since his election, and the number of death threats dwarfs those received by previous presidents. The teabaggers are keeping the Secret Service … Continue reading

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