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Republican racism and Obama hatred: blame it on the scary black man

Joan Walsh this weekend reflected on GOP racism and offered this ironic observation as retort to the idea that Barack Obama has somehow brought this past year’s Republican hysteria and paranoia onto himself: It’s a shame how our cautious, centrist … Continue reading

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Palin “Blew It”: Astute Political Observer, Joan Walsh, Gives the VP Debate to Biden

Joan Walsh of Salon.com thinks Biden won the debate, and that Palin made two key blunders that may linger and dog her: There were two key moments for me when Sarah Palin blew it badly. One was substantive, one was … Continue reading

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“Making a Mockery of 9/11”: Joan Walsh, Editor in Chief of Salon.com, Weighs in on Sarah Palin’s Atrocious 9/11 Interview with ABC’s Charles Gibson

Money quote from Joan Walsh’s essay: 9/11/2008 could well be remembered as a low point in GOP history. It’s the day we learned beyond any doubt that John McCain put his manhood in a blind trust to win the presidency. … Continue reading

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