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A God Delusion: Josh Timonen v. Richard Dawkins

One sad aspect of the lawsuit recently filed against Josh Timonen by Richard Dawkins is the way that it has inadvertently played out the atheist script generally: reduce an ontological mystery (a mystery of being) to a mere problem or function for rational … Continue reading

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Josh Timonen: Richard Dawkins’s Judas Iscariot?

Josh Timonen has been Richard Dawkins’s right hand man for a couple of years now, running the Richard Dawkins Foundation (RDF) store and managing the famous scientist’s website. As recently as February of 2010, Richard Dawkins was adamantly defending Timonen against a … Continue reading

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News from the Back of the Atheist Bus: Richard Dawkins and Josh Timonen Put Their Fellow Atheists and Agnostics in Their Proper Place

Disgruntled Peter Harrison, a (former) forum moderator at RichardDawkins.net, dishes on a behind the scenes controversy between the site’s support volunteers and Josh Timonen, the site’s manager. Peter Harrison now wants people to join him at a different (and presumably more open) … Continue reading

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