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Has Opposition to Deregulation Ever Been on John McCain’s Legislative Menu?: “I’ll Try to Find You Some and I’ll Bring Em To Ya,” Said Sarah

We’re still waiting for the list of times John McCain, in his career, voted against deregulation, or supported legislation that would have regulated or policed the financial system more closely:

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Flailin’ Palin: Katie Couric’s Devastating Line of Questioning on the Supreme Court Turns Sarah Palin into “Flailin’ Palin”—Someone Who Shows Herself Unable to Talk About Any Supreme Court Case Except the Single One That She Knows, Roe v. Wade

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See Here Katie Couric Ask Sarah Palin, ‘What Other Supreme Court Decisions Do You Disagree With?’—And Watch Palin Flail. She Doesn’t Know the Names of Any Supreme Court Decisions—Not a Single One—Except Roe v. Wade!

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Katie Couric Asks Sarah Palin What Newspapers and Magazines Have Shaped Her Thinking Over the Years—And Palin Can’t Come Up with a Single One!

The New Republic? The Weekly Standard? Foreign Affairs? Commentary? National Review? The New York Times? People Magazine? Christianity Today? The Atlantic Monthly? The National Enquirer? Charisma? What are we to make of a VP candidate who clearly doesn’t read, or follow the … Continue reading

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Katie Couric Flusters Sarah Palin with Simple Questions. Here’s One of Them: In All His Years as a Senator, Can You Give Examples of John McCain Supporting More Regulatory Oversight of Wall Street?

Still no Sunday morning show press interviews. Still no press conferences. But after seeing Sarah Palin’s bleak performance with Katie Couric, no wonder the McCain campaign so strictly manages Palin’s exposure to the press, and only doles out interviews in trickling, homeopathic … Continue reading

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