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Mars Rover Curiosity: The Fruits are about to Ensue

According to a NASA press conference yesterday, Curiosity’s “brain transplant” (software update) was successful and the rover may start driving within the week. But the foreplay is going to be very slow-going as it was also emphasized by one of … Continue reading

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A Universe from Nothing? Lee Smolin Sasses Lawrence Krauss’s Confidence Atheism

Buried deep in the comboxes of a post at the blog site What There Is and Why There Is Anything, the physicist Lee Smolin took the time to weigh-in on whether one of his colleagues, Lawrence Krauss, should be claiming … Continue reading

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Did Atheist Physicist Lawrence Krauss’s Questioning of a Religious Person Cross a Boundary into Intolerance?

Physicist Lawrence Krauss, in a recent brief essay for Scientific American, recounts what happened to him when he asked, in a public forum, a simple question of a religious man. Krauss wanted to know how the man reconciled his religious views with his scientific … Continue reading

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Entering the Fifth Dimension (the Imagination) with Nietzsche, Don Quixote, Rod Serling, and Lawrence Krauss

One of the insights of Friedrich Nietzsche—at least in my reading of him—is that imagination is a dimension, apart from reality, that you can live in. This, of course, is also Don Quixote. And Rod Serling in the Twilight Zone: There … Continue reading

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Physicist Lawrence Krauss’s Ultimate Origins Talk at AAI

I’m an agnostic who is not really all that sympatico with movement atheism, but earlier this month, I attended all of the Saturday sessions of the Atheist Alliance International (AAI) annual conference in Burbank, California. Most of the luminaries of the New Atheist … Continue reading

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Biologist Richard Dawkins, Physicist Lawrence Krauss, and Philosopher Daniel Dennett at the Atheist Alliance International Annual Convention in Burbank, Ca., October 3, 2009

This photograph was taken a few minutes before Daniel Dennett started his Saturday afternoon talk. Dennett, by the way, is a tall dude (like basketball player tall):   Dennett, in his lecture, coined a mildly amusing term (or, more accurately, one of … Continue reading

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