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Books from Underground

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A Sign of the Times

It’s not just car factories that are disappearing from Michigan. Property owners in Troy appear indifferent to keeping their library open. Ironically, Troy’s official motto is “The City of Tomorrow, Today.” I guess libraries are relics of the past. Note the 1970s architectural style of … Continue reading

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Google Books App for iPad

Free books by the millions? I haven’t downloaded the app for my iPad yet, but this looks really seductive. I wonder what the catch is: Here’s the link: books.google.com/ebooks And I looked up Thoreau’s Walden. It reads pretty nice: http://books.google.com/ebooks?id=yiQ3AAAAIAAJ&printsec=frontcover&output=reader

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Today’s Number: 168,178,719

That’s the number of book titles in the world (according to Google’s cataloging project). And Geoffrey Nunberg is worried about how the translation of these titles into an electronic data base is going to be handled and managed: Whether the Google … Continue reading

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BURNING AND BANNING: An Image of a Fascist Book Burner, in 1933, and an ABC News Report, in 2008, on Sarah Palin’s Attempt, as Mayor of Wasilla, to BOOK BAN

Berlin BOOK BURNING, May 10, 1933: And here’s ABC News’s 2008 report on Sarah Palin’s attempt at BOOK BANNING as Mayor of Wasilla:

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