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The Mimic Octopus: Andrew Sullivan Calls This Creature “Mitt Romney of the Deep”

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Christians Who Lie to Advance a Higher Cause: Phyllis Schlafly Employed “Stranger Care” But Didn’t Talk about It

Anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly, the mother of six and a darling of the American far right, spent decades opposing for working mothers “stranger care” (child care assistance). But it turns out that, in raising her six children, she had more than a bit … Continue reading

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Bart Ehrman: Liars Wrote Parts of the Bible

Bart Ehrman has a new book out and it’s got a rather attention grabbing title: ‘Forged: Writing in the Name of God — Why the Bible’s Authors Are Not Who We Think They Are’ (HarperOne 2011). And in a recent piece for HuffPo, … Continue reading

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Josh Timonen: Richard Dawkins’s Judas Iscariot?

Josh Timonen has been Richard Dawkins’s right hand man for a couple of years now, running the Richard Dawkins Foundation (RDF) store and managing the famous scientist’s website. As recently as February of 2010, Richard Dawkins was adamantly defending Timonen against a … Continue reading

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Does a Process of Darwinian Natural Selection Quietly Undergird American Politics?

Have you ever thought of running for political office? No? Neither have I. How come? Perhaps it’s similar to my own reason. I find the very thought of running for a political office tiresome, for to be a politician means that you … Continue reading

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Thinking about Hoaxes

When you have a phenomenon, like UFOs, that is characteristically top-heavy with eyewitness testimony, but lacking in physical evidence and in tension with prevailing scientific paradigms, you are bound to attract a freak show of tricksters, cons, and hoaxers:  

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Michael Jackson. The Emperor Has No Clothes?

Am I missing something here?  The television media, for the past two days, have been wall-to-wall with Michael Jackson’s death, but it seems that any discussion of his apparently life-long pedophilia compulsions are off-limits. They’re hinted at, they’re alluded to, but nobody … Continue reading

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McCain Flip-Flop: He Promised to Not Take the “Low Road” to the Presidency, But Now He’s Decided He Can’t Win Any Other Way, And Is Using Rovian Lies at Every Turn

Here’s the most effective Obama ad I’ve seen:

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John McCain and Sarah Palin are Liars: Will We Reward Them for Their Lying?

If you can’t run and win against the real Barack Obama, simply make things up, and repeat them over and over again. And if you can’t honestly defend McCain’s choice for VP and win, simply make things up, and sequester Sarah Palin from … Continue reading

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