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The Latest Barack Obama Assassination Meme: Psalm 109:8 (“Let His Days Be Few”)

This is infuriating, but there are Christians—Christians!—distributing a bumper sticker that says, “Pray for Obama—Psalm 109:8”. This sounds innocuous until you actually go and read the verse, and those verses following it: 8 Let his days be few; and let another … Continue reading

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I Break Their Nose?

Is that in the Sermon on the Mount—or Mein Kampf? Oops, the video doesn’t embed. Watch on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kayRXtITyw&feature=related

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We Don’t Cuss! (But We Sometimes Torture)

I prefer someone who sometimes cusses, but doesn’t torture, to someone who sometimes tortures, but doesn’t cuss, don’t you? Apparently, not all religious believers would agree.

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Who Would Jesus Torture? Evangelical Christian Profession Highly Correlates with Support for Torture

A new Pew poll correlates Evangelical Christian profession with support for the torture of “suspected terrorists.” That correlation is 79%. See the poll results here. And see here and here for dissection of the poll. In other words, eight in … Continue reading

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A Liberal Churchman, An Authoritarian Calvinist, a Former Prostitute, and Deepak Chopra: ABC’s “Nightline Face-Off” Series Sets a Circus-Like Atmosphere for a Debate on the Existence of the Devil

So reports the Christian Post. Welcome to the sensationalist Idiocracy: Two controversial preachers, a former Las Vegas escort and an author on spirituality have been recruited by ABC to debate the existence of Satan on Friday. The unexpected line-up will … Continue reading

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He doesn’t like “a Richard Simmons, hippie, queer Christ”: Mark Driscoll, a Seattle Religious Authoritarian, is Profiled in the NY Times

Can we just start calling some fundamentalist “Christian” leaders by a more accurate designation: religious authoritarians? And instead of calling the places that they build “mega-churches,” can we call them what they actually are: personality-driven mega-cults assisted by the shameless use of contemporary … Continue reading

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