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Mary Ellen Emmons, Mama Jane, and Sarah Palin: Does Palin Have a Problem with Women? In Other Words, Does She Side with Patriarchal Men Against Women—Rendering Women Invisible?

I’ve noticed a curious aspect to Sarah Palin’s career. She seems to have, all of her life, sided with strongly patriarchal men—and patriarchal ideology—against women, rendering them invisible. In a broad sense, this is most obvious with regard to abortion … Continue reading

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Ban, Baby, Ban, Palin’s Inferno: VP Pick-Sarah Palin, as Mayor of Wasilla, Tried to Remove and Ban Books from the Town’s Local Library

Mary Ellen Emmons was the President of the Alaska Library Association. She was also librarian at the Wasilla Public Library. As mayor, Sarah Palin asked Ms. Emmons whether she would, upon ordered to do so, remove objectionable books from the library’s collection. Ms. Emmons said NO. Ms. Palin … Continue reading

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