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Thanks, McDonald’s: Obesity is Killing America’s Economic Competitiveness by Ballooning Health Care Costs

So says Jim Clifton, CEO of Gallup and author of The Coming Jobs War. In an interview at Gallup’s Management Journal, he tags obesity and fruitless late-life interventions as the two chief reasons that Americans spend so much more than … Continue reading

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You Break It, You Own It: Whence the Future of Eugenics Research?

God’s a delusion (Dawkins). Religion poisons everything (Hitchens). So let’s have the end of faith (Harris)! Okay. You’ve got your wish. Let’s imagine that the New Atheists have won. The world is our big and collective secular oyster to do whatever we want … Continue reading

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“Even at McDonald’s you’re interviewed three times before given a job”: Reagan’s Former Chief of Staff Endorses Obama and Slams McCain for Picking Palin

Today, Reagan’s former chief of staff endorsed Obama and told CNN that John McCain’s single interview with Sarah Palin (before picking her as VP) struck him as less thorough than the hiring process at McDonald’s!:

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