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An Invitation: Believe in Evolution and You Too Can Join Richard Dawkins, and His Alien Friends, in the Universe’s Superior Club

When I read this Richard Dawkins quote on page 194 of Schick and Vaughn’s How to Think about Weird Things (5th edition), I smiled at its echoes of religious manipulativeness: If superior creatures from space ever visit Earth, the first question they … Continue reading

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Evolution v. Intelligent Design Watch: Can Natural Selection Acting on Random Mutations Account for the Origin of Species?

Catholic biochemist, Michael Behe, thinks not, and Evangelical philosopher, William Lane Craig, in this YouTube clip, clearly and admirably sets out, in broad outline, Behe’s doubts:

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Why I Like Jerry Coyne (and Dean Radin, William Dembski, Michael Behe, and Stephen Meyer as Well)

UPDATE (May 27, 2010): I’ve left my below orignal blog post alone, unedited, from last year. I wrote it in a mood of annoyance. I felt that Coyne was being cruel to people—and name calling—and I responded in kind. I don’t think … Continue reading

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Why Don’t You See Biologists Jumping on the Michael Behe Anti-Evolution Bandwagon?

Michael White, a biologist with training akin to Michael Behe’s, explains why Behe’s anti-evolution follow-up book to Darwin’s Black Box is almost certainly flawed in its fundamental arguments: [Sean] Carroll [in the magazine Science ] goes on to make this important point: “Behe seems … Continue reading

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