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The Flintification of America

I recently watched Roger and Me—Micheal Moore’s late-1980s documentary on the economic decline of his hometown of Flint, Michigan—and what upended me is how prophetic the film is. If you want to see what’s happening to America today, have another looksie at Moore’s survey … Continue reading

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The “F” Word and Sarah Palin: Is the Authoritarian Anti-Intellectual Politician the Future of the Republican Party? And Could It Lead to an American Brand of Fascism?

Can we be honest here? Sarah Palin’s instincts are authoritarian through and through. And she’s indifferent to, and even impatient with, complexity and intellectual nuance. And what should be alarming about her, she tries to make less so by a … Continue reading

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“Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds”: Is Sarah Palin THE ONE That Conservatives Have Been Waiting For All of Their Lives?

Over at Powerline, conservative Paul Mirengoff writes, We conservatives have had a good time ridiculing the Obama phenomenon, especially its messianic feel — the willingness of its adherents to pour so much hope and belief into such an empty, or … Continue reading

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