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Blogging Brian Greene: Parallel Universes in Literature, Television, and Film

In the introductory chapter to physicist Brian Greene’s new book, The Hidden Reality, he offers a very brief list of parallel worlds from literature, television, and film: The Wizard of Oz. It’s a Wonderful Life. “The City on the Edge of Forever” … Continue reading

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Blogging Brian Greene’s New Book, “The Hidden Reality”

Physicist Brian Greene’s new book just came out, and it’s exceptional. If you want the skinny on what hidden realities there might be behind and beyond our own, you can safely set aside the Bible and just read Brian Greene. And damn he … Continue reading

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Intelligent Design v. The Multiverse Hypothesis: Astronomer John Gribbin Cleverly Splits the Difference Between Them

At the UK’s Telegraph, astronomer John Gribbin puts an intelligent design twist on the multiverse hypothesis: he writes that it’s possible—indeed, plausible—that “a very advanced civilisation”, knowing how to birth new universes via the creation of black holes, designed our universe with life-friendly … Continue reading

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Paul Davies Says Stephen Hawking’s New Book Doesn’t Quite Get Rid of God Completely

Physicist Paul Davies, reviewing, for the Guardian, Stephen Hawking’s new book, The Grand Design  (Bantam 2010), says this: The laws of physics can explain, he says, how a universe of space, time and matter could emerge spontaneously, without the need … Continue reading

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Pretty Good Reasons Not to Believe in God Watch: Time and Chance—and Space!—Happeneth to Them All

I’ve never heard it put quite this way, and I know that it is implied within numerous arguments for atheism, but I think, by just making it explicitly present to consciousness, that this is a pretty good reason to doubt God’s existence: … Continue reading

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Promissory Atheism and Promissory Theism

I”ve been thinking about something that the late Nobel Prize winner, Sir John Eccles, said of strict materialism. He called it “promissory materialism”, and said of it: “I regard this theory as being without foundation. The more we discover scientifically about the … Continue reading

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Cosmological Natural Selection and the Timeless Block Universe? Maybe All Bullshit, Says Physicist Lee Smolin

Famed multiverse theorist, physicist Lee Smolin, in a recent essay, says he isn’t sure whether he even believes in his own multiverse hypothesis anymore, but he does give it credit for having some predictive power and experimental support: An alternative … Continue reading

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One Reason I’m an Agnostic: Intelligent Design and the Multiverse Hypothesis Mirror One Another

Jim Manzi, at the excellent blog site, the American Scene, points out something quite profound and interesting: Whether one believes that something conscious and intelligent (“a god”) created the universe, or one believes that we live in a multiverse in which the cosmos … Continue reading

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Intelligent Design v. The Multiverse?: Discover Magazine Has a Fascinating Article on the Fine Tuning of the Universe—and Its Implication for God-Belief

Money quote: If the multiverse is the final stage of the Copernican revolution, with our universe but a speck in an infinite megacosmos, where does humanity fit in? If the life-friendly fine-tuning of our universe is just a chance occurrence, … Continue reading

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