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A Modern Iphigenia Story Plays Out in a Custody Battle Turned Murder Trial

A new nonfiction book, Janet Malcolm’s “Iphigenia in Forest Hills”, is the story of an ugly custody battle in which a little girl named Michelle is lost in the fray, and her father is ultimately murdered by her avenging mother. At Salon, Laura Miller says this … Continue reading

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Two dead babies found wrapped in Los Angeles Times newspapers from the 1930s

According to the Los Angeles Times today, a human tragedy that quietly played out perhaps more than 70 years ago, is being investigated: LAPD Chief Charlie Beck promised a vigorous investigation after the remains of two babies believed to have died … Continue reading

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Deuteronomy 21:21 on trial: NY woman murders daughter for dishonoring her

A woman recently removed the rebellious blight of her daughter from the community, murdering the offspring of her loins for chronic disrespect. Here’s the AP today via Breibart: A woman accused of strangling her daughter on a college campus apartment … Continue reading

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