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Beck Zedong!

Glenn Beck’s got a one hundred year plan (oh, shit): “We need to start thinking like the Chinese.” In other words, Glenn Beck thinks that focused, insurgent, belligerent, fanatically committed mass movement Maoism—with its disciplined cell groups, ideological purity, and relentless propaganda—is the right … Continue reading

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With Sonia Sotomayor, Will Conservative Talk Radio Drive the Republican Party over a Cliff?

The New York Times reports that Mark McKinnon thinks the Republican Party is in serious long term electoral danger if conservatives loudly and obnoxiously oppose or hinder the nomination of the first Hispanic female to the Supreme Court: “If Republicans make a big deal … Continue reading

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“What serious thinker wants to support the party of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck?”: Do Republicans Have an Intellectual and Intelligence Gap to Make Up with the Democrats?

Conservative Andrew Sullivan today contemplates a Republican Party that is not being replenished and rejuvenated by enough young and serious intellectuals. Sullivan thinks that most smart public policy people are overwhelmingly moving into the Democratic camp, and that there’s a real and growing intellectual … Continue reading

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Andrew Sullivan Apologizes for Comparing Larry Summers to a Christ Killing Jewish Moneylender in a Hieronymus Bosch Painting

For this Andrew Sullivan got some grief from at least one reader, and has apologized on his blog: Oy. In my survey of Getty photos for the Face Of The Day, I thought that one of Summers was a gripping … Continue reading

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Christian Antisemitism? Andrew Sullivan, Larry Summers, and Christ Killers in a Hieronymus Bosch Painting

Last night, the Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan posted this image of Barack Obama’s chief economics advisor, Larry Summers: And this morning, a reader directed Sullivan to the Bosch painting below, suggesting that Summers bore a striking resemblance to the Jewish character … Continue reading

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OUT OF THE CLOSET: National Review Online Comes Out in Opposition to BOTH Gay Marriage and Civil Unions

National Review Online today conflated same-sex marriage and civil unions, declaring them both “unwise.” In other words, the editors of National Review not only oppose same-sex marriage, they oppose even civil recognition (and legal protection) of homosexual relationships: Vermont has … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin’s Enemies List: The VP Candidate Gets Snippy Over a Conservative National Review Commentator’s Evaluation of Her

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“A big part of Obama’s appeal is his self-command.” Conservative David Frum, at National Review Online, Tells Conservatives To Calm Down and Imitate Obama’s Sense of Proportion

From David Frum’s blog today: Republicans used negative campaigning successfully against Michael Dukakis and John Kerry, it’s true. But 1988 and 2004 were both years of economic expansion, pro-incumbent years. 2008 is like 1992, only worse. If we couldn’t beat … Continue reading

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Katie Couric Asks Sarah Palin What Newspapers and Magazines Have Shaped Her Thinking Over the Years—And Palin Can’t Come Up with a Single One!

The New Republic? The Weekly Standard? Foreign Affairs? Commentary? National Review? The New York Times? People Magazine? Christianity Today? The Atlantic Monthly? The National Enquirer? Charisma? What are we to make of a VP candidate who clearly doesn’t read, or follow the … Continue reading

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Unwarranted Palin Belief: Conservative David Frum Suggests That If Palin Proves to Be a Plus For McCain, It Will Be the Result of Luck, NOT the Product of a Measured, Rational Decision

David Frum of National Review, on Sarah Palin the day after her 2008 Republican Convention speech: From the beginning, the internal controversy (such as it is) over Sarah Palin has been a controversy not about Palin herself, but about John … Continue reading

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