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The Universe’s Existence: Is it an Ontological Mystery or Just a Very Complicated Problem?

At the heart of the universe are three staggering paradoxes, and one of them, however absurd and inconceivable, must be true: either the universe made itself; or it has always existed; or some self-made or eternal telos is behind it Theists … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins on “Theo-Masturbation”

Earlier today, I noticed that Richard Dawkins said of one of the featured articles at his site (on negative theology): Josh called it ‘theo-masturbation’. Excellent expression, and it perfectly sums up what Karen Armstrong, Terry Eagleton and all those pretentious pseuds do, … Continue reading

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An Agnostic Defends Negative Theology

Atheist biologist Jerry Coyne, of the University of Chicago, has a rather nasty post at his blog deriding negative theology, but I think that negative theology has some merits that Coyne might not be considering. In fact, if God exists (and as an agnostic I don’t … Continue reading

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