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The Hobbits Found on Flores Weren’t Humans

This dramatic news item appeared in The New York Times a week ago: according to a new study, the “hobbits” found in 2003 on the Indonesian island of Flores were almost certainly not human beings: [T]he [new] findings complemented earlier research … Continue reading

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Ricky Gervais Deconstructs His Childhood Noah’s Ark Book

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Repent, for the Singularity is Near? Has Ray Kurzweil Started a Secular Religion?

In a recent New York Times profile of Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity Movement, I can’t help but see parallels with religion. Indeed, it appears to be an atheist eschatology cult led by a gnostic elite. Based on the New York Times piece, here are … Continue reading

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Is the Noah’s Ark hypothesis the best one for making sense of a WorldNetDaily article claiming that a boat has been found high on Mount Ararat?

In the great battle between scientific experts and young Earth biblical literalists, shall we score one today for the anti-evolutionists? If you believe this WorldNutNetDaily article posted this morning, then the answer is yes, for Noah’s Ark has been found! Really. And … Continue reading

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Film Review: See “Russian Ark”

I can’t praise this film enough. Russian Ark (2002) is a single, unbroken tracking shot that: (1) lasts for an hour and a half; (2) manages to tell the story of two characters caught in the sweep of Russia’s epic history; and (3) orchestrates … Continue reading

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