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A Film That Appears To Be Worth Seeing

This looks good and has gotten a lot of recent attention and critical acclaim. It has also generated controversy. It opens in New York and Los Angeles May 24, 2013. Directed by Rasha Burshtein, an Orthodox Jewish woman who lives … Continue reading

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Let Freedom Sing: Feminism Under Fire in Israel

The intellectual and cultural rot of religious fundamentalism continues its 21st century spread. This is in Haaretz today: Secular and religious cabinet members engaged in a heated discussion over the issue of women’s rights in Israel on Sunday, forcing Prime … Continue reading

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When Gay and Anti-Gay Teddy Bears Dialogue

To my mind, this imaginative dialogue between two teddy bears perfectly exposes the intellectual incoherences of the anti-gay rights movement.   

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No Women or Secular Rationalists Need Apply: A Little Introduction to the Greek Peninsula of Athos

The internet magazine, Religion Dispatches, has an interesting article on the peninsula of Athos in Greece, a haven for Greek and Russian Orthodox believers to cultivate a closer walk with God. Or maybe not. If God, after all, turns out to be a woman … Continue reading

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The Human Bones Discovered at Masada: An Example of Religion Hindering Science

At the academic web magazine, Bible and Interpretation, anthropologist Joe Zias complains about ultra-orthodox Jews hindering archaeology and anthropology: For several decades self-appointed groups of the ultra-orthodox have been waging an all out cultural war against the archaeological community in general and … Continue reading

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Turn or burn? Among the young, is Evangelical Christianity losing its hell bite?

Is human imaginative sympathy and love slowly conquering fundamentalist dogma? Perhaps, and it might be because the world is getting smaller, making it more difficult to live an insular existence and project dehumanizing traits onto others.  This yesterday at NPR (in … Continue reading

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