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Islamic Terrorism in Paris and Charlie Chaplin’s Hitler Ballet

It occurs to me this evening that Charlie Chaplin’s classic globe dance, as a means of trying to enter and represent visually the psyche of Hitler, is curiously apropos to the why question surrounding Paris tonight. The idea of violently … Continue reading

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Islamists Firebomb Charlie Hebdo Magazine. Time’s Bruce Crumley Blames the Magazine.

This is simply breathtaking for its grotesqueness. A French newspaper practices freedom of the press, printing some satire directed toward Islam; the paper is subsequently firebombed by religious fanatics; and Bruce Crumley, Time magazine’s bureau chief in Paris, castigates the … Continue reading

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Think big thoughts: two images from the 1909 Paris Air Show held at the Grand Palais

Maybe your life’s vision is set too low. Take the Paris Air Show of 1909 for inspiration, and think of how far people with vision, intelligence, ambition, and imagination managed to reach in just the past one hundred years. Can you imagine … Continue reading

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Nuclear terrorism: yes, they might

In light of the summit on nuclear weapons and nuclear terrorism that President Barack Obama held last week, this interview with two nuclear terrorism experts offers an additional sober reminder of what humanity is up against: 

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