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Thinking about the Fifth Dimension (the Imagination and the Musical Group)

In a world where God is dead (or at least silent), what dimension should you live in? In other words, should you live in “reality” (whatever that really is) or might you skip the reality quest and spend your life mostly in the realm of imagination? Here’s … Continue reading

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Entering the Fifth Dimension (the Imagination) with Nietzsche, Don Quixote, Rod Serling, and Lawrence Krauss

One of the insights of Friedrich Nietzsche—at least in my reading of him—is that imagination is a dimension, apart from reality, that you can live in. This, of course, is also Don Quixote. And Rod Serling in the Twilight Zone: There … Continue reading

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We Can Fly, We Can Fly, We Can Fly!

At least in our dreams. At Slate today, Mason Currey recounts a “lucid dream” (a dream in which you are conscious of dreaming, and act on that consciousness) that he had: I’m walking up a path into the lobby of an … Continue reading

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