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Hume Hearts Buddha, Picasso, And Einstein–But Not Nazis, Aquinas, Or Monotheism

Hume hearts Buddha. In Hume Studies (Volume 35, Number 1&2, 2009, pp. 5–28), Alison Gopnik has a fascinating essay–“Could David Hume Have Known about Buddhism?”–in which she writes the following: Hume’s argument in the Treatise, like Nagasena’s “chariot” argument, points to the … Continue reading

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U.S. Holocaust Museum Rifleman James W. von Brunn: Portrait of the Artist as a Nostalgic Fascist?

U.S. Holocaust Museum rifleman, James W. von Brunn, is not only like Adolf Hitler in that he wrote a long and paranoid Antisemitic screed. Brunn is also a painter devoted to the recovery of “realism” in art (as Hitler was). Below is one of Brunn’s paintings … Continue reading

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What a Piece of Work is—Poultry?: A Picasso Rooster Sculpture at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), July, 2008

In making a rooster an object of sculptural contemplation, I wonder if Picasso was punning and playing off of Rodin’s rough-hewn, yet dignified bronze images of men striving and thinking. And in Picasso resisting the impulse to contemplate man in bronze, after … Continue reading

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