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Would Anne Frank Have Been A Belieber (A Follower Of Justin Bieber)?

This was reported at The Daily Beast today: [Justin] Bieber visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam this weekend, where he is performing a concert, and wrote a humble little note in the museum’s guest book: “Truly inspiring to be able to … Continue reading

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The Future of the Musical Instrument?

Instead of taking guitar or piano lessons, will ambitious parents of the future pay for iPhone lessons? Here’s Kim Yeo-hee. She is 22-years old and makes music with her iPhones. And yes, somebody noticed her curious YouTube postings, and I’ve read … Continue reading

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King Tut Finger

In Western culture, Egypt seems to be the best place to trace lithe, high glamour, iconic posing, and so it seems fitting that a certain style of freeze frame dancing would be dubbed as “tutting” (as in “King Tut” or … Continue reading

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Blogging UFOs: Schisms! And My Discovery of Jeremy Vaeni!

In my ongoing quest, the past few weeks, to discover what I think of UFOs and the UFO-believing community, I purchased a copy of UFO Magazine  (Issue #150) at my local Barnes & Noble and found something that surprised me. There … Continue reading

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Dan Aykroyd Believes in UFOs

He’s no Einstein (contra the young videographer who did this interview), but actor Dan Aykroyd speaks articulately about his UFO views. Here’s part 1 of 8 interview segments from YouTube (and accompanied by some spooky UFO footage and synthesizer music):

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The Fifth Beatle: Conservative William F. Buckley on the Beatles—and What It Means for Barack Obama and Contemporary Conservatism

In 1964, William F. Buckley said of the Beatles:  “The Beatles are not merely awful. They are so unbelievably horrible, so appallingly unmusical, so dogmatically insensitive to the magic of the art, that they qualify as crowned heads of antimusic.” … Continue reading

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