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Pope Benedict’s Third Force: Nice Agnostics Like Me

As an agnostic, it’s nice to learn that the head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI (a.k.a Cardinal Ratzinger), wants to make solidarity with me in pursuit of truth, goodness, and peace. In a recent speech, here’s part of … Continue reading

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Johann Hari Makes the Case for the Pope’s Arrest

Eloquent. Shocking. Pro-Catholic. Johann Hari on Pope Joseph Ratzinger’s flagrant criminality, and why he should not be above the law (and notice Richard Dawkins standing behind Hari): Andrew Sullivan, a Catholic, has also been wise to Ratzinger. Here’s some of what Sullivan said, … Continue reading

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What did Ireland’s Catholic Cardinal Brady do?

According to news reports, Cardinal Sean Brady ordered “two children to keep silent after they were sexually assaulted by a priest.” Did you catch that? As of today, Pope Benedict has not relieved Cardinal Brady of his duties, and Cardinal Brady has … Continue reading

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