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Atheists Top the Religious in Religious Knowledge

A recent Pew Survey on religious knowledge has found that atheists do better on a battery of religious knowledge questions than Jews, Christians, Mormons—indeed, anybody else. Out of 32 questions, atheists, on average, managed to answer about 21 of the questions … Continue reading

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“White Culture”: Is Glenn Beck Serious about Discussing What He Means By Using the Phrase?

Of course not. Glenn Beck is not seriously trying to have a dialogue about the subject. He’s not having an exchange. He’s communicating to a base audience in racial code. He won’t even attempt a dialogue on “white culture” with, … Continue reading

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Still More Context on Sarah Palin’s Exorcist, Thomas Muthee: Witchcraft Fear is Widespread in Kenya and the Catholic Church Has Long Struggled Against It

In December of 2007, Digital Journal had a brief item about rampant witchcraft superstition in Kenya, and the Catholic Church’s struggle against it. Money quote:  In Nairobi, Kenya one of the biggest challenges for the Roman Catholic Church according to the Catholic … Continue reading

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