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Zach Wahls Defends His Two Mommies

19-year-old Iowan college student Zach Wahls’s self-possession and public speaking ability is remarkable—and he was raised by a lesbian couple. Here he is defending his two mothers against a discriminatory law being proposed in his state:

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Confidence Fail: The Four Confidences and Atheism

It occurs to me that life turns on four confidences, three of which atheists and agnostics simply do not possess. If one wonders why so few people are atheists and agnostics, a big part of the puzzle may lie hidden here. … Continue reading

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Yes He Can

No, he will not yield the mic, nor will he sit down, until he has spoken his peace: President Obama, in pushing his own agenda, could learn a thing or two from this defiant and courageous Iranian. Know hope. Here and there.

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