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Rand Paul Speaks the Truth

I’m no fan of Rand Paul, but his directness in the below Politico article on the GOP’s national troubles impresses me. Here’s Politico: Republican leaders are questioning the interventionist foreign policy that President George W. Bush and the party’s last two … Continue reading

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Mr. Cruz and His Seven Dwarfs

Concerning the new senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, this is in The New York Times today: Mr. Cruz was among the 22 senators who voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, […] Great start. And The Times also reports … Continue reading

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A Stomp is Not an Argument: Rand Paul Supporters Tear a Wig off a Woman, Drag Her to the Ground, Then One of The Crowd Stomps on Her Head

Rand Paul supporters show their respect for Western liberal democracy, freedom of expression, and a woman’s right to approach Rand Paul: Message: Total message control. Don’t ever, ever approach Rand Paul. Ever. ——————- UPDATE: Here’s the unedited AP clip of the … Continue reading

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